Powering Better Oil and Gas Records Management
Using harmon.ie, energy companies can improve management and visibility of all their important records such as contracts, technical documentation and project plans.
How harmon.ie helps
Connect Emails with Teams Chats
By adding Outlook emails to Teams conversations, you can make sure projects are managed efficiently, with a single discussion via seamless external and internal communications.
Provide Better Access to Project Documents
Enable energy workers to see and access all project documentation and communications in the same place, grouped together according to content.
Maintain Compliance and Retention Policies
Empower users to easily classify and store important records and legal documents such as contracts during the course of everyday business.
 Thanks to harmon.ie, a global energy company with 1,500 business units made it simple for all employees to manage emails, classify documents and apply retention policies.
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“Our users are very happy. Using harmon.ie from within Outlook is smooth, intuitive and most importantly, it does not require a training program.”
- Deborah Beury, Project Director, VINCI Energies
We helped an international sustainable energy company to smoothly transition to cloud-based information management. Now Eneco employees can collaborate and coordinate more effectively.
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“harmon.ie was the perfect solution to generate the high levels of SharePoint/Office 365 user adoption we need to run our business.”
- Nezah Samur, Business Analyst, Eneco

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