Centralize and streamline insurance document management
With harmon.ie, insurance companies can bring emails, attachments and chats into SharePoint and Microsoft Teams - empowering more effective handling of policy documents, claims and correspondence.
How harmon.ie helps
Connect Your Emails with SharePoint and Teams
Make it simple and easy to move emails from Outlook into SharePoint or Teams and bring all your client communications and internal discussions together in one place.
Get a Complete View of all your Information
Realize better visibility of the vital business documents and correspondence you need to work productively every day.
Enforce Retention and Compliance Rules
Enable easy everyday record management, with all your important documents classified with requisite retention labels; be audit-ready.
harmon.ie accelerated digital transformation for one of the biggest reinsurance companies in the world. We helped them to unlock the full value of their Microsoft investment and empower effective information management.
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“I can get acess to all of my documents wherever I am in the world thanks to our harmon.ie app.”
- Rainer Baumann, CIO, Swiss Re
We enabled a leading actuarial and consulting firm Milliman to streamline and automate email management. Now their actuarial document workflow and record handling are much easier and faster for Milliman’s 2,700 employees.
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“harmon.ie has been a boon for our highly-trained and experienced consultants who need to focus on their jobs and not on document management.”
- Sid Siegel, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Milliman

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