Construction & Manufacturing
20,000 employees
Bringing critical information together with brings together the multinational’s global Legal Department through more efficient information management.


The Legal Department of the REHAU Group selected SharePoint and to optimize and streamline their internal process for storing and sharing case files, legal documents and other important data; allowing them to draw important information together from all points across locations, including Microsoft SharePoint and Outlook.

The Legal Department has branches in multiple countries. Before, this meant multiple file storage systems in several locations. By using within their SharePoint and Office environment, the REHAU Group brought previously disparate information together into one place.

“We saw that a and SharePoint solution covers 95% or almost 100% of our needs… it’s much more cost efficient than a specialized third-party solution.”
Christian Steier, Legal Digital Officer, REHAU Group

About REHAU Group

The REHAU Group is a leading systems and service provider for polymer-based solutions for use in construction, automotive and industry. The Legal Department is responsible for the corporate legal matters of the entire worldwide REHAU Group, which accounts for about 20,000 employees.

The volume of information that must be successfully dealt with by the Legal Department is large and vital to business functionality across the company. So, the right solution was critical not only to the Legal Department but for company-wide success.

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